I Feel Bad About My Eyebrows

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One of the funniest books I’ve read is a book by Nora Ephron called, I Feel Bad About My Neck.  It was a laugh out loud, head shaking in agreement, read. So many of her stories are not only relatable, it’s very likely if you had an opportunity to sit down with her you’d be rolling over laughing at the similarities you share.  What a great story teller she was. No matter how dark the cloud over your head, she always revealed the rainbow when the timing was right.

Recently, I’ve noticed something about my once thick, gorgeous eyebrows. Yes, I can brag because if we can’t find at least one thing we’re proud of about our appearance, we need to kick up our therapy sessions. There is always SOMETHING to like and for me, it’s always been my eyebrows. However, over the last couple of years, those great eyebrows have been thinning, no longer lush, more sparse.  If I may be so bold as to steal Nora’s line, I feel bad about my eyebrows.

I really do miss my eyebrows. I can’t help but continue to play the very old song, Abraham, Martin and John song by Dion only with very different lyrics.

“Anybody here, seen my lush, thick eyebrows?  Can you tell me where they’ve gone? They saw a lot of tweezing but not so much to disappear..I just looked around and they were gone.” ‘sigh’

Although my eyebrows have been thinning, the irony is the abundance of chin and upper lip hair that has recently joined my enlarged pores.  Like a raspberry bush that replants itself from limbs, it seems my hair follicles from the brow area have replanted themselves in my chin and upper lip.  And to add insult to injury,  one smart alec stray has managed to replant itself smack dab in the middle of a mole. That’s what I get for being grossed out many years ago by the site of chin hair on older women. Now I’m that older woman well, payback is hell.   That mole that will be the bane of my existence.

So do tell, what about your eyebrows? Have you noticed a change? Thinning? Shape change?  How I miss my brows. But in the spirit of Nora Ephron, the rainbow is my eyebrow pencil. In the space that used to house lush thick eyebrows, it is now colored in. Thank God I learned to color in the lines as a kid.


Here’s to thinning eyebrows everywhere,




9 thoughts on “I Feel Bad About My Eyebrows

  1. Oh, I loved this. Don’t remember exactly when I read I FEEL BAD ABOUT MY NECK, but I loved it and gave copies to friends. Ironically enough, now 73, noticing any number of changes in self and appearance that no one was kind enough to warn me about, not three hours ago I plucked this maverick dark eyebrow hair that had the audacity to sprout among the much lighter crop and stick straight up and out! For pity sake!

  2. Bill Cosby did a funny bit about how when he got older, the hair that used to grow out of his head now got confused and came out his ears, nose, and other body parts. Probably what happened to your eyebrows! Mine have always been thin, rarely if ever had to pluck them. Can’t remember the decade when I last got out the tweezers.

    • I remember hearing that bit, but somehow for men, they’re supposed to have an excess of hair. For women, no thank you. Someone (and I’m not naming names) got their wires crossed during the hair handout conversation.

  3. That is so funny. Mine are not only thinning but going grey. I color and fill in with a pen. After that I either pluck or nono my face and neck. Then there is still shaving the legs and pits. You really do have to be tough to get old.

    • I agree, the time we spend trying to remove hair……I suppose that’s what the whole laser thing is for. Haven’t looked in to that. Too paranoid I would be the freak of nature that would have some crazy reaction that actually enhances the hair growing process!

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