Welcome to Age of Surprise.

This blog is designed for women who are not looking for ways to look younger, feel younger or be younger simply to be, look and feel better.

When I hit menopause I found little information about aging gracefully.  I wanted to just find things that made me appreciate the aging process versus fearing it. I wanted the truth and to be able to laugh at some of the unexpected results of getting older. (Am I really the only woman who keeps tissue between her boobs to soak up sweat in between hot flashes?)

I don’t recall my mother ever discussing the neck hairs that appear seemingly overnight.  Had that been part of my birds and bees discussion, perhaps I would have appreciated my teenage years a bit more. When my 20 something daughter complains about her body I tell her to, “Zip it and enjoy your working relationship with gravity!”

I hope you’ll join in on the discussion about the beauty of aging in all of it’s perfect imperfections. What we tend to forget is that one of the gifts of aging is that when the body starts to shift, so do our priorities and you just don’t sweat the small stuff.

Let’s engage in great conversation and share poignant stories. Let’s toast to embracing our age, dismissing media (who seems to dismiss this age group) and laugh….a lot!

Invite your friends to join along, the more the merrier!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Meno Pause

18 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Thank you for this blog! It is rare for people to be so honest about the aging process. I’m in my late 50s and identify with your posts.
    Thanks again!!

    • Well then, Susan. Let’s get this conversation started! I’m just warming up! We need to have more of these discussions rather than brushing everything under the carpet because youth trumps all. I’m not a believer. I love being over 50 in all of it’s complexity. Having a network of women that talk about it, makes it even richer.

  2. Right there with you, my dear! I had SUCH a healthy libido, but after a bout with breast cancer (lost Lefty) and then subsequent full hysterectomy (chemo brought my girly parts into full meltdown) which brought on full menopause at the relatively young age of 42, I really really really felt a loss of interest in anything remotely sexual. Part of that I am certain was due to the loss of identity in femaleness. I have since realized that my identity was not in my breasts or my ability to procreate, but it took a bit of a journey. But sometimes I feel about the lost libido like I do when I walk in a room and can’t remember why I am there, how the heck did that happen? I am so glad I found your blog. I will be following!!!

    • I love your post, Lise. I hope you’re cancer free today, yes? I’m with you, are identity is not what magazines focus on, it’s what magazines will never focus on, inner beauty, strength, creativity, loyalty, humor and on and on we go. We’re pretty remarkable. Let’s start discussing it!

      • yes, thank you! Cancer free for 21 years… blessed beyond belief. Sorry it took so long to reply, been a busy gal, as I work 6 days a week, then was song leader at my church on Sundays, and just recently gave that up. But do I find my identity in those things? I don’t believe I do, those are just parts of the whole. Inner beauty, character, strength, resilience, all those things add up to who we are, and you are right, we are pretty dang remarkable! Good thoughts!

  3. Your voice is a refreshing change! You aren’t asking us to buy a product or change our hair color, but you are blogging about real aging issues. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Carey. It was just time. I couldn’t find any realistic conversations about aging. They were either “Debbie Downers” or here’s what you can do to look 20. Not interested in recreating my youth, by expressing the truth on being a fully engaged aging women. It’s rather a privilege, don’t cha think?

  4. As a 50something…..OK I’m going to be 55 this year. Ohh that hurt to type! who was slammed into Meno in my later 30’s (surgically…..all of it…..since they think my Mom died of Ovarian cancer they gave me that choice even at a younger age) Oh yeah…..relating! After 10 years of off and on infertility stuff it was time for yet another surgery for severe endometriosis. I STRONGLY suggested we just rip it all out. Hmmm not quite the way to get pregnant is it? As my Mom was laying in the hospital dying and we were once again back on the fertility trail during that time…..she said to me “Why didn’t you get pregnant at 16 like you were suppose to?” Yeah….she was warped too. Truth is Mom…..I don’t think it worked back then either. BTW surgically slammed was a ton of fun. Thank you to whoever invented estrogen patches!

    On the plus side Mom also promised to send me the perfect little girl. At the time we didn’t know the parts were going so nobody knew how this “perfect” little girl was going to arrive in our lives. Well Mom….you took long enough! I was 41 when she arrived….Miracle of adoption. Also I’m sure she is somewhere laughing her azz off because her definition of “perfect” I do believe was for her own amusement. Karma and all that. Little girl just turned 13. Yup Mom….hope you’re enjoying the show!

    OK that last part was totally off topic. I tend to do that. Rambling is also a gift I have.

    That said I wouldn’t be 20 again for all the hot fudge stirred into melting ice cream in the world. Would I choose 55? Um no. I think I’d pick about 40. Things were tighter then. They were where they were suppose to be. Mostly. Things didn’t ache quite as much as they do now. I didn’t look my age. (oh yeah I do now!) BUT….looks for wisdom. Not that I wasn’t wise at 40. My wisdom just looked better 😉 And YES! I remembered things back then too! (I think?)

    Sex? Hmmm I’ve heard that word before. I think my husband brought it up a few times. I just treat it like when I tell him to get his junk away from my side of the bathroom sink. Then again we’ve been together since we were 16. I think we may have used up our lifetime allotment?

    Lise…..also hoping things are now going well for you! What a crappy thing to go through.

    Bookmarked and following!

    • Wow, so many stories. Since you were 16? God bless you both! Interesting how some ages just seem ideal. I know I’ve heard women say if I had the mind I do at 60 and the body I had at 25, I’d be a force to be reckoned with. But I’m with you, no desire to revisit 20’s.

  5. Thanks! I’m 58, been with my dear husband since we were both 16, had a total hysterectomy at 40, and can really appreciate reading that I am not any weirder than other women.

  6. So happy to read that a lot of other women feel the same way. Will be exciting to read your blog as we go along.

    • Thank you, Vahishta. There’s so much to talk about! I think magazines assume women over 50 don’t have anything interesting to talk about. I’d love to prove them wrong!

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