Fashion, Function or Fuddy-duddy


My new dilemma in my 50’s –  fashion. Recently, I had to buy a dress for a fancy dancy event. I found a dress I thought was adorable.  I tried it on to show my 20-something year old daughter. And when I made the big reveal, the look on her face told me, “NO!”  And then she said it, “Well, Mom it’s just a little…..young.”  What does that mean, young?  I wasn’t sporting cut off jean shorts, pockets below the actual short, cheeks visible (the less cute cheeks) braless with a t-shirt, this was a dress, and a lovely one at that.

Hmm, I went back in to the dressing room and looked in the mirror and wondered what was “young” about it. So I stuck my head out of the dressing room to find my daughter and I asked , “Define too young?” She thought for a moment and without holding back said, “It’s something I would wear.”  I kicked back, “Well you borrow my clothes. Should I tell you that the shirt or dress you borrowed looks too old?”  And then of course the walls went up and she said, “If you like it, get it, I don’t care.”  Ugh, the “I don’t care.”  I’m a woman, I know full well what that means, “Proceed at your own risk.”

I didn’t know what to do. I’m pretty good at choosing what makes me happy, but now I actually questioned myself. Am I delusional?  Is this dress more appropriate for someone much younger? Am I clear on what defines too young or too old?”  So I decided to ask around and here were some responses by my 50 something lady friends.

“If your cheeks are hanging out of your shorts, not appropriate. Pig tails, not appropriate.”

“Personally, if you feel good in it, who cares?”

” I once had someone tap me on the back, I turned around and it was a young man. ‘Oh sorry, I thought you were a friend of mine, but she’s much younger.’  I didn’t know whether to feel flattered or embarrassed.”

“It’s all very personal. Use good judgement. If you like the way you feel in it, wear it.”

“By the time you get to 50, most women get it. And then there are a few others that don’t. Part of we wants to judge, while the other part appreciates their carefree attitude.”

“I liken it to a beach. There are some people who have no business wearing bikini’s or speedos (yes mean still wear those) if you feel good wearing it, doesn’t much matter what others think.”

So there we have it. What are your thoughts? Do you think about dressing your age or do you dress in whatever you feel good in?


Whatever you wear, wear it well!