Innocent Stare or Passionate Peeping?


My husband and I recently went on vacation and one of the places we visited was filled with a number of very attractive people. I found myself staring at an unbelievable number of handsome men, while my husband had no trouble staring at a number of beautiful ladies. So I got to thinking, when men see a beautiful women, what do they think?  When women see a handsome man what do they think?

To be perfectly honest, there is no sexual thought that passes this woman’s mind when I see a handsome man, simply the idea of him making me look really good when we’re out to dinner. A glass of wine, a giggle or two and then after all the people that have seen us and wonder how I ever got so lucky, I ask him to drop me off at home. As I walk away I look back over my shoulder and say, “Don’t ever change,” and then a wink and I close the door never to see that gorgeous face again. Of course, he’s heartbroken.  man_woman_buttons_web

As for men, different scenario. I know because I asked. When they stare, they imagine what she looks like under the clothes and perhaps a tryst on a king size bed somewhere. No surprise there.

So ladies, I’m curious. When you see a handsome man, do you jump to thoughts of what he’d look like naked? Or simply just admiring an attractive man?  I’m sure there’s a variety of different thoughts. When I asked my husband what he thought of when he stared at ladies he said, “What difference does it make?  I’m married to you, I got a good deal.”  After 30 plus years of marriage, he still manages to squeeze out a compliment.  I give him a wink and say, “Don’t ever change,”  close the door to the bathroom and he falls asleep dreaming of me. (I made that part up).


Here’s to your style of stare,