The Big “V”

shooting vibrator jpeg

It took me three days just to get the courage to write this piece. I’m writing it because I said from the beginning this blog was to discuss things for women over 50 that seem taboo or simply not documented. I have to thank you all for providing such great feedback from my original piece on libido. It was incredibly insightful. As I was reading through the comments,  I noticed one came from a company…. an interesting company. O.K. I’ll just say it, a company that carries vibrators. My rearing causes blushing as I write this.  Little did I know this libido conversation was far from over. Oh the complexity of it all!

So here I am at 50 something and truth be told, I’ve never been introduced to Mr. V. Now I’m not so naive that I’ve never heard of a, ahem, a vibrator,  I just never felt there was a need. Not to mention me and battery operated things don’t get a long well. I’ll spare you the details.

So ladies, let’s discuss. What are your thoughts on this topic which I consider pretty taboo? I have friends that have used them. Some say every girl should have one while others say, it’s personal preference.  It was my understanding that God gave women and men two hands, one for pleasure and the other for wiping the sweat off the forehead, no?

I have done a bit of research.  I felt better knowing Hamilton Beach actually introduced the first electric vibrator in 1902. Something sounds so all American about that.  I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like before the electric models. Imagine battling a wire when you’re trying to have a moment. Further, we know what happens when water/moisture mixes with electricity. Many thanks to Hamilton Beach for sparing the awkward answer to the question, “How’d you burn your yourself?”

It’s been interesting to see the vast selection of Big “V”. Fascinating. I did find out they’re illegal in India and there are also bans in some southern states including Alabama. Interesting quote from a bioethicist and medical historian, Jacob Appel. “Sex toys are actually a ‘social good’ and the devices, ‘marital substitutes’, play “an important role in the emotional lives of millions of Americans.” Hmm. Well, he’s a bioethicist, surely that means that you won’t go blind if you use one. Not to mention I’m all about the social good.



I’m intrigued by the potential discussion, but not intrigued enough to be formally introduced to Big “V” but I am more than willing to listen to what you all have to say. I am but a student, an awkward student, but an enthusiastic learner.


Your student,